Felonism’s First Call to Action

The day I brought my daughter home from the hospital is very similar to this post. After nine months of anticipation (actually 18 months for this book), I sat down in the living room with this beautiful bundle of joy sleeping in my arms. Then a feeling of panic push out the thought, “Now what do I do!?”

Andy and I present Felonism: Hating in Plain Sight as a gift. We hope the minds of politicians, government officials, and anyone who has ever had an encounter with America’s “justice” system  will read with open minds and passionate hearts. The 15 stories presented in the book hardly touch the surface of the pain and destruction being generated by felonism. We present this blog as a forum where people can share their stories, ask questions, express their fears, and participate in an honest discussion about how felonism has affected our lives.

Several prisoners have sent us heart-wrenching stories about the violence and injustices they endure at the hand of felonists. Because prisoners have little or no access to the internet (as you will see in their hand-written letters), we will include their contact information. If you want to respond to their post, please write directly to them, whether you comment on this blog or not. The 49 cents you spend on a stamp could be worth a great treasure to them.

Positive, honest communication is our standard for publishing responses on this blog. Proper grammar, spelling, and politically correct terminology are not required. Just keep it real. We won’t post threats or hate speech, but cursing to emphasize your emotions is entirely acceptable. Please let us know what you REALLY think.

Thank you for joining us in this conversation. Over 70 million Americans are victims of felonism each day. If just 25% of them united to eliminate this institutionalized, systemic oppression, our nation would experience a beautiful metamorphosis for justice and equality.

May we all be blessed,

Linda Polk

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