Our Second Call to Action

We are thrilled to see that over 40 people have taken advantage of our offer to giveaway our e-book (http://is.gd/v6fOSM), Felonism: Hating in Plain Sight, during the last few days of March.  Per Kindle rules, that promotion will soon end, but there is another way for people who lack funds for books to read a free copy.

Please ask your local library to carry our book as part of their collection. With reduced funding and limited space, librarians want to know which of their purchases for new books will be justified by patron support. You can help them make wise decisions by requesting that our book become part of their collection.

Librarians may ask for the ISBN number to assist them in making orders, so here they are:

  • ISBN-10: 1522787690
  • ISBN-13: 978-1522787693

If you are interested in educating your community with the names and specific actions of the original Abusers of Power, you might also request that your library stock Johann Hari’s book, Chasing the Scream. The numbers you will need for this book are ISBN-10: 1620408910 and ISBN-13: 978-1620408919 (http://is.gd/Ug4wWT).

The information in these two books present compelling evidence that Americans are being used to profit a small group of people, and the results are tragic. However, we do not have to continue down the same path of destruction. Let’s educate all Americans. Help them understand that our current system of “justice” is actually creating injustice. Challenge the leaders in your family and your community to implement the solutions offered in these two books to construct a better system. Please do what you can to exposes felonists and the damage they are creating in every segment of our nation. Help us being a national conversation by speaking up, sharing this website, and asking your librarian to stock our book.

May your efforts yield tremendous, positive consequences.

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