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Let’s Escape US Dysfunction

It is time we paid attention to the similarities between couples trapped in domestic violence and the way America is being manipulated by powerful corporations / politicians. In both situations, the relationship started with the promise of great possibilities for independence, love and prosperity. Once the emotional connection was established, expenses began to intertwine, and […]

Felonism Displayed at the Airport

If you are white and earn over $100,00 per year,  you may not identify with videos in the news of people being beaten or shot by the police. This could never happen to you. Right? After witnessing the recent abuse and arrest of Dr. Dao on a United plane, you may

How Felonists Kidnapped Troy

Imagine a young kid, Troy, being forced to protect his baby sister by silently crouching together in a hot attic when Mommy’s “boyfriends” came over to take drugs. What kind of future do you see for such a kid when he grows up. As you might suspect, Troy’s childhood went from terrible to worse. While […]

We are Still Here

Please forgive the lack of input on this blog over the last 2 months. A death in the family and other issues made it necessary for us to temporarily reroute our energies. The next blog article is scheduled for mid July, 2016, but contributions from our followers are always welcome. We would love to hear about your experiences […]

One Essential to Eliminating Mass Incarceration

Due to recent attention on mass incarceration and criminal justice reform by presidential candidates and other politicians, we are beginning to see some policy changes and movement toward the release of non-violent drug offenders. These are good starting points, but we must take an honest, accurate

What do Avocados and Felonism Have in Common?

Exposing felonism in our culture is not going to be easy. Felonism has infiltrated the deepest corners of our society to the extent that it has already closed the minds of some very intelligent, educated people. Just yesterday we had an exchange with a man who said the premise of our book, Felonism: Hating in […]

Join Us

http://www.carnegiewriters.org/carnegie-writers-book-fair.html Please join us and other authors at the Greenhills Public Library in Nashville, TN. The book fair will open at noon on April 9, 2016. Have your picture taken with authors, purchase signed books, ask questions, enjoy positive community building conversations. Felonism: Hating in Plain Sight will be sold for $15 for one or […]

Our Second Call to Action

We are thrilled to see that over 40 people have taken advantage of our offer to giveaway our e-book (http://is.gd/v6fOSM), Felonism: Hating in Plain Sight, during the last few days of March.  Per Kindle rules, that promotion will soon end, but there is another way for people who lack funds for books to read a free […]