Felonism Displayed at the Airport

We are witnessing what felonism looks like.

If you are white and earn over $100,00 per year,  you may not identify with videos in the news of people being beaten or shot by the police. This could never happen to you. Right? After witnessing the recent abuse and arrest of Dr. Dao on a United plane, you may now be questioning this assumption. Is it possible YOU could become the star of the evening NEWS? We believe it can.

According to felonists, people suspected or convicted of a crime deserve disrespect and violence, even death. It’s just a repeat of racism, but the target has shifted.

Over the past few decades, many law enforcement officers have been trained that their lives are in imminent danger. Without providing accurate documentation, instructors tell police and prison staff cadets they must strike first if they want to return home to their families. Excessive actions against resistant citizens are justified according to their curriculum. (Please understand, we are not saying all law enforcement officials are abusive, for we revere and honor all officers of the law who are upholding their difficult duties as peace keepers and supporters of the communities they serve.)

Ultimately, this pattern of systemic oppression has benefited felonists by multiplying the profits of companies related to prisons and causing fear-mongering politicians to be elected to the highest offices in our land.

Media moguls have also benefited; boosting their ratings by providing sensational gossip regarding the past lives of those who dare to stand up for their rights – implying unrelated histories of those beaten justifies an excessive use of force. For example, a quick Internet search of Dr. Dao does not tell us about all the lives he has saved, the wonderful father he has been, or charities he has assisted. Instead, they focus on his past mistakes which have no relationship to the fact that he was bloodied, humiliated, and criminalized for refusing to defer the flight he had paid for.

Hopefully this incident will increase America’s awareness of the destructive manipulation of felonists upon our social consciousness and motivate us to unite in eliminating this government approved oppression. Be forewarned, felonism is no longer confined to those living in poverty.

If you have a personal story of how felonism has negatively impacted your life, please submit your experience on our contact page. Let everyone know that Dr. Dao is not alone.

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