One Essential to Eliminating Mass Incarceration

Due to recent attention on mass incarceration and criminal justice reform by presidential candidates and other politicians, we are beginning to see some policy changes and movement toward the release of non-violent drug offenders. These are good starting points, but we must take an honest, accurate Read more

What do Avocados and Felonism Have in Common?

Exposing felonism in our culture is not going to be easy. Felonism has infiltrated the deepest corners of our society to the extent that it has already closed the minds of some very intelligent, educated people.

Just yesterday we had an exchange with a man who said the premise of our book, Felonism: Hating in Plain Sight, is incorrect even though his only exposure to this topic was the book cover and our 60 second verbal introduction. This gentleman was so passionate in his opposition to the concept of felonism that we offered him a free book on the condition that he read it. Though we appreciated his honest statement that he would not read it, we were baffled by his oppositional choices. Read more

Join Us

Please join us and other authors at the Greenhills Public Library in Nashville, TN. The book fair will open at noon on April 9, 2016. Have your picture taken with authors, purchase signed books, ask questions, enjoy positive community building conversations. Felonism: Hating in Plain Sight will be sold for $15 for one or $25 for 2 books.